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Download Whatsapp Plus WhatsApp Messenger Downloads Free

If you are an avid user of WhatsApp, chances are that you might have already come across a different version of this application called WhatsApp Plus’. There is a lot said and done about this variant – many of your friends and colleagues might have made the switch too. This write up aims to analyze all things regarding this unofficial release and offers you some useful advice on whether it is worth switching over.



It is no surprise that WhatsApp is still the kind of all instant messaging apps despite an increasing list of rivals such as Line, Telegram and Kik. WhatsApp Plus banks on this very popularity and is only a slightly better spin off of the original software. Brainchild of developer Alicantino Rafalense, WhatsApp Plus quickly gained notoriety of its customizing abilities is now used worldwide. Rafalense maintains that the application is not illegal and no legal team on behalf of the original developer has never contacted him. He further states that the spin off was a result of a simple reverse engineering project. The only request he ever got was to remove the APK file from XDA-Developers forums.

Download & Installation

Since WhatsApp Plus is unofficial, you would not find it your android Playstore. Instead, you will have to search for APK file from popular download websites. Unfortunately, iOS users don’t really have this luxury. Once you are done download the APK file, all you need to do is execute it.

Before you could install WhatsApp Plus, you will need to uninstall your original, Google Play downloaded version of the software. It is important to note that WhatsApp Plus is in no way an add on to the official application – it is rather a complete replacement. This means that you can’t use both of these applications simultaneously. However, if at any point of time you want to revert back to the original, you could simply uninstall WhatsApp Plus and download a fresh original copy from the Playstore – without losing any data.

The bad news is, recent users of the WhatsApp Plus have been disabled for 24 hours. This fate is surprisingly erratic across the globe. For some, the experience continues to be smooth and while others have been disabled right away. Several popular online modders have taken to various internet forums offering a fix around this ban, and some of them have been successful.

Remember, the key lies in finding the right APK, that has been tested, and verified by other users. Also, rest assured that – there is absolutely no threat to your account, identity or data.


While the core functionality of the application remains the same, the structure and various other components have been extensively modified to provide users a certain degree of customization and personalization.

Visual Themes

If there’s one reason why this spin off is such a huge hit, all credit must sway towards its ability to completely change the look of the interface. For the first time, WhatsApp users will be able to customize the looks of their chat window. Moreover, all themes can be installed directly from the application without any cost. As of now, WhatsApp Plus has over 700 different visual themes. These themes will directly impact the looks of your contact list,text and notification bar according to your liking.

Never Before Seen Emoticons

Although the original WhatsApp has plenty of emoticons, the WhatsApp Plus goes a step further and supplies emoticons from other applications as well. For example, you will stumble across several smilies from Google Hangouts. The only issue however, is that your contacts too, need to have WhatsApp Plus to be installed in their phones in order for all these emoticons to work optimally. In the case of a version mismatch, your contacts will see blank texts instead of emojis.

Stealth Features

Ever wanted to spy on your girlfriend? This is where WhatsApp Plus works like a charm. The best part is, there’s no way for your prey to tell when you’re lurking upon them. While the original application allows you to hide your last seen, it does show your friends that you’re actually online. WhatsApp Plus kills the connection status – making you appear offline even though you’re online and active on the app. Also, you will be notified each time your contact comes online.

File Sharing

Still in its initial stages, Mark and his team are heavily optimizing WhatsApp’s file sharing capabilities. You can very well use WhatsApp Plus until then, as it offers a much faster and customizable file sharing process. Once you upload a file (that ranges from 0.1 MB to 50 MB), you will be able to modify the quality or the size of the file, before sending it off – saving you loads of time and data.

Total Customization

WhatsApp Plus also allows users to access to six different menus that allow them to edit settings and appearance of the application. It’s possible to make heavy changes to the header bar and fiddle with the size and color of the images of your chats and contacts. The notification bar is also something that can be modified to a certain extent. Animations and voice memos can be disabled as and when required as well. If you’re someone who loves to use widgets – you can customize their color and size too. Finally, the launcher (the traditional green icon) can be replaced with exotic designs. WhatsApp Plus usually ships with a blue variant of the default launcher.


Ever since Facebook bought WhatsApp, it didn’t take long for industry experts and general users alike to figure out that there would be sweeping changes in the official version. Recent updates and future reports are all promising in their own rights and don’t disappoint. Considering all these developments, it would be safer (end to end encryption) and wiser to stick with the original WhatsApp. However, having said that, the WhatsApp Plus is a different experience altogether. It comes with its own baggage of unique features that Facebook might never really implement. For that matter alone, it might be worth a try for a short span of time.

Here’s wishing that you don’t get disabled!

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